Board Policies and Administrative Guides

Series 3000 Business and Non-Instructional Operation
3000 BP Concepts and Roles
3100 BP Budget
3260 AG Fees and Charges
3260 BP Fees and Charges
3270 AG Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment, and Supplies
3270 BP Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment, and Supplies
3300 BP Expenditures and Purchases
3311 AG Bids
3311 BP Bids
3311.2 AG Lease Leaseback Contracts
3312 BP Contracts
3314.2 BP Revolving Funds
3350 BP Travel Expenses
3400 AG Management of District Assets, Accounts
3400 BP Management of District Assets, Accounts
3440 BP Inventories
3460 AG Financial Accountablility and Reports
3470 BP Debt Issuance and Management
3511 BP Energy and Water Management
3512 AG Equipment
3512 E Equipment Loan Form
3513.3 AG Tobacco Free Schools
3513.3 BP Tobacco Free Schools
3515.5 AG Sex Offender Information
3515.5 BP Sex Offender Information
3516 AG Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan
3516 BP Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan
3516.1 AG Fire Drills and Fires
3516.2 BP Bomb Threats
3516.5 BP Emergency Schedules
3530 AG Risk Management Insurance
3530 BP Risk Management Insurance
3540 AG Transportation
3540 BP Transportation
3541 AG Transportation Routes and Services
3541.1 AG Transportation for School Related Trips
3541.1 E School Driver Registration Form
3541.2 AG Transportation for Students with Disabilities
3541.2 BP Transportation for Students with Disabilities
3542 AG School Bus Drivers
3543 AG Transportation Safety and Emergencies
3550 AG Food Service Child Nutrition Program
3550 BP Food Service Child Nutrition Program
3553 AG Free and Reduced-Priced Meals
3553 BP Free and Reduced-Priced Meals
3554 AG Other Food Sales
3554 BP Other Food Sales
3555 BP Nutrition Program Compliance
3600 BP Consultants
Series 4000 Personnel
4000 BP Concepts and Roles
4020 BP Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
4030 BP Nondiscrimination in Employment
4031 AG Complaints Concerning Discrimination in Employment
4033 BP Lactation Accommodation
4040 AG Employee Use of Technology
4040 BP Employee Use of Technology
4040 E Employee Use of Technology
4040.1 AG Monthly Communication Allowance for Buisness of Personal Cellular,Telephone,Moblie Communication Device
4040.1 E Staff Technology Acceptable Use Policy
4100 BP Certificated Personnel
4111.20-4211.20-4311.20 AG Legal Status Requiremnt
4111.20-4211.20-4311.20 BP Legal Status Requirement
4112.10 AG Contracts
4112.20 AG Certification
4112.22 AG Staff Teaching Students of Limited English Proficiency
4112.23 AG Special Education Staff
4112.30-4212.30–4312.30 AG Oath or Affirmation
4112.40-4212.40-4312.40 AG Health Examinations
4112.42-4212.42-4312.42 AG Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers
4112.42-4212.42-4312.42 BP Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers
4112.50-4212.50-4312.50 AG Criminal Record Check
4112.50-4212.50-4312.50 E Criminal Record Check
4112.60-4212.60-4312.60 AG Personnel Records
4112.61-4212.61-4312.61 AG Employment References
4112.61-4212.61-4312.61 BP Employment References
4112.90-4212.90-4312.90 BP Employee Notifications
4112.90-4212.90-4312.90 E Employee Notifications
4113.5-4213.5-4313.5 BP Working Remotely
4115 AG Evaluation Supervision
4115 BP Evaluation Supervision
4116 AG Probation Permanent Status
4116 BP Probation Permanent Status
4117.11-4317.11 AG Preretirement Part-Time Employment
4117.20 BP Resignation
4117.30 BP Personnel Reduction
4117.50-4217.50-4317.50 AG Termination Agreements
4117.60 AG Decision Not To Rehire
4117.70 AG Employment Status Report
4118 AG Dismissal Suspension Disciplinary Action
4118 BP Dismissal Suspension Disciplinary Action
4119.10-4219.10-4319.10 BP Civil and Legal Rights
4119.11-4219.11-4319.11 AG Sexual Harassment
4119.11-4219.11-4319.11 BP Sexual Harassment
4119.11-4219.11-4319.11 E Complaint Concerning Sexual Harassment
4119.21-4219.21-4319.21 BP Professional Standards
4119.21 E Professional Standards
4119.23-4219.23-4319.23 BP Unauthorized Release of Confidential Privledged Information
4119.25-4219.25-4319.25 AG Political Activities of Employees
4119.25-4219.25-4319.25 BP Political Activities of Employees
4119.41-42119.41-4319.41 BP Employees with Infectious Disease
4119.42-4219.42-4319.42 AG Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens
4119.42-4219.42-4319.42 BP Exposure Control Planfor Bloodborne Pathogens
4119.42-4219.42-4319.42 E Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens
4119.43-4219.43-4319.43 AG Universal Precautions
4119.43-4219.43-4319.43 BP Universal Precautions
4121 AG Temporary Substitute Personnel
4121 BP Temporary Substitute Personnel
4131 BP Staff Development
4136-4236-4336 BP Non-School Employment
4143 BP Negotiations Consultations
4143.1 AG Public Notice Personnel Negotiations
4143.1 BP Public Notice Personnel Negotiations
4144-4244-4344 AG Complaints
4144-4244-4344 BP Complaints
4156.2-4256.2-4356.2 BP Awards and Recognition
4157.1-4257.1-4357.1 BP Work Related Injuries
4158-4258-4348 AG Employee Security
4158-4258-4358 BP Employee Security
4161-4261-4361 AG Leaves
4161-4261-4361 BP Leaves
4161.1-4261.1-4361.1 AG Personal Illness Injury Leave
4161.11-4261.11-4361.11 AG Industrial Accident Illness Leave
4161.9-4261.9-4361.9 BP Catastrophic Leave Program
Series 5000 Students

5000 BP Concepts and Roles
5020 AG Parents Rights Responsibilities
5020 BP Parents Rights Responsibilities
5021 BP Noncustodial Parents
5022 AG Student Family Privacy Rights
5022 BP Student Family Privacy Rights
5030 AG Student Wellness
5030 BP Student Wellness
5111 AG Admission
5111 BP Admission
5111.1 AG District Residency
5111.12 AG Residency Based on Parent, Gaurdian Employment
5112.1 AG Exemptions from Attendance
5112.1 BP Exemptions from Attendance
5113 AG Absences and Excuses
5113 BP Absences and Excuses
5113.1 AG Chronic Absence and Truancy
5113.1 BP Chronic Absence and Truancy
5117 AG Interdistrict Attendance
5117 BP Interdistrict Attendance
5119 BP Students Expelled from Other Districts
5121 AG Grades, Evaluation of Student Achievement
5123 AG Promotion Acceleration Retention
5123 BP Promotion Acceleration Retention
5125 AG Student Records
5125 BP Student Records
5125.1 AG Release of Directory Information
5125.1 BP Release of Directory Information
5125.1 E Release of Directory Information
5125.2 AG Withholding Grades, Diploma, Transripts
5125.3 AG Challenging Student Records
5126 AG Awards for Achievement
5131.1 AG Bus Conduct
5131.1 BP Bus Conduct
5131.2 BP Bullying
5131.60 AG Alcohol and Other Drugs
5131.60 BP Alcohol and Other Drugs
5131.70 AG Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
5131.70 BP Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
5132 AG Dress and Grooming
5132 BP Dress and Grooming
5141 AG Health Care and Emergencies
5141 BP Health Care and Emergencies
5141.21 AG Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions
5141.21 BP Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions
5141.24 AG Specialized Health Care and Services
5141.32 AG Health Screening for School Entry
5141.33 BP Head Lice
5141.40 AG Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting
5141.40 BP Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting
5141.40 E Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
5142.1 AG Identification and Reporting of Missing Children
5144.1 AG Suspension Expulsion, Due Process
5144.1 BP Suspension Expulsion, Due Process
5144.2 AG Suspension and Expulsion, Due Process. Students with Disabilities
5145.11 BP Questioning and Apprehension by Law Enforcement
5145.12 AG Search and Seizure
5145.12 BP Search and Seizure
5145.13 AG Response to Immigration Enforcement
5145.13 BP Response to Immigration Enforcement
5145.20 AG Freedom of Speech, Expression
5145.20 BP Freedom of Speech, Expression
5145.30 AG Nondiscrimination Harrassment
5145.30 BP Nondiscrimination Harrassment
5145.60 BP Parent Notifications
5145.60 E Parent Notification Chart
5145.70 AG Sexual Harrassment
5145.70 BP Sexual Harrassment
5145.80 AG Refusal to Harm or Destroy Animals

Series 6000 Instruction
6000 BP Concepts and Roles
6020 AG Parent Involvement
6112 AG School Day
6115 AG Ceremonies and Observances
6115 BP Ceremonies and Observances
6142.7 AG Physical Education and Activity
6142.7 BP Physical Education and Activity
6142.91 BP Reading, Language Arts Instruction
6142.92 BP Mathematics Instruction
6142.93 BP Science Instruction
6142.94 BP History-Social Science Instruction 
6143 AG Courses of Study
6143 BP Courses of Study
6145 AG Extracurricular, Co-Curricular Activities
6145 BP Extracurricular, Co-Curricular Activities
6146.5 BP Promotion Requirements
6154 BP Homework, Makeup Work
6157 BP Distance Learning
6161.1 AG Selection of Instructional Materials
6161.1 BP Selection of Instructional Materials
6161.1 E Selection of Instructional Materials
6161.11 BP Supplemental Instructional Materials
6161.20 BP Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials
6161.30 BP Toxic Art Supplies
6162.50 BP Student Assessment
6162.51 BP State Academic Achievement Tests
6162.60 AG Use of Copyrighted Materials
6162.60 BP Use of Copyrighted Materials
6163.1 BP Library Media Centers
6163.20 AG Animals at School
6163.20 BP Animals at School
6163.40 AG Student Use of Technology
6163.40 BP Student Use of Technology
6164.60 BP Identification and Education Under Section 504
6170.1 BP Transitional Kindergarten
6171 AG Title 1 Programs
6171 BP Title 1 Programs
6173 AG Education for Homeless Children
6173 BP Education for Homeless Children
6173.1 AG Education for Foster Youth
6173.1 BP Education for Foster Youth
6174 AG Education for English Language Learners
6174 BP Education for English Language Learners
6174 E Education for English Language Learners
6179 BP Supplemental Instruction
6183 AG Home and Hospital Instruction